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Protein Bars

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Protein bars are growing in popularity because of the general need for more protein in our diet as well as the ease of taking them on the go.

Built Bar

Built Bar's are a protein bar with low calories, high protein, and an insane number of flavors. Not to mention they are absolutely delicious. These are me and my wife's favorite protein bars partly because of the macros, but mainly because of the taste.

Built bars have great macros (high protein, low carbs, low fats) and they also have dozens of flavor options. I've heard a lot of people talk about the texture being a bit off, but I personally haven't had a problem with it. For a more solid texture you can put them in the fridge and eat it cold.

They also have a wide variety of other products which are all just as amazing if not better.

- Built Puffs (great texture with the same delicious taste)

- Built Bites (great for small snack or if you find yourself not finishing a full protein bar)

- Built Boost (powdered supplement packets)

Price-wise I feel they are very good especially when compared to other protein bars that are out there. They are also running frequent deals so catch those when you can. Built Bar is always coming out with new products and new flavors. They are definitely one that you want to try out.


G2G Bars have been a favorite of me and my wife's for a long time now. They are a very natural protein bar and all have amazing taste. My favorite thing about these protein bars are that you can't taste that protein taste (but probably depends on the flavor).

These are my go-to breakfast bars and they are usually enough to fill me up for the morning. Being a more fresh protein bar, they should be refrigerated so its a bit more inconvenient, but definitely still worth it. They can be a bit more on the expensive side (about $3 on amazon. We buy them at Costco)


ONE protein bars are probably my third favorite because of all the interesting flavors they provide. Despite all the delicious flavors they only have 1 gram of sugar! The other macros aren't amazing but they're not bad.

They are another great protein bar that ought to be tried.

More protein bars:

- Pure Protein Very cheap (about $1) but not the best tasting.

- Quest Bar

- Orgain Protein Snack Bar Great organic choice.

- BSN Protein Bars

Have you tried any of these protein bars? What are some of your favorite flavors?


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