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Productivity Game

Want simple and easy to understand summaries on popular books? Watch Productivity Game's videos

Created by Nathan Lorenzon, Productivity Game is a channel that creates videos that summarize performance and productivity books and breaks them down into core concepts and key points, which makes them easier to understand. The thing that I love most about this channel is that you learn the gist of a book (which is 90% of the whole book) and it saves so much time.

"My purpose is to help you produce remarkable results and thrive at work. Join me as I find the best books on performance and productivity and distill them into quick, engaging, and actionable videos."

These videos definitely take the best books on performance and productivity and make them very easy to digest and understand. Productivity Game is one of my favorite YouTube channels to follow and I always appreciate every single video that they make. Definitely recommend you check them out.

I would recommend that you subscribe to Productivity Game's YouTube Channel so that you can stay up to date with all the new videos they release.

Let me know what you guys think of this podcast! Do you have a favorite episode or topic?


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