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Finding True Health

This podcast has a great way of talking about what true health is and connecting it to real life practice.

Finding True Health is hands down the best podcast when it comes to health and health mindset. Not only does this podcast bring realistic, tangible, and practical advice, but it offers so much incredible insight into health. If you want to ditch dieting, eat intuitively, and appreciate your body no matter its size, this podcast is for you!

“When you learn to make peace with your body, your self-compassion, body image, and self-confidence will skyrocket. And when you learn to make peace with food, your mental, physical, and emotional health will benefit greatly”

The thing that I enjoy most about this podcast is the fact that Jenna is very real and down to earth about health. There's none of this "get slim fast" or "try this supplement" garbage that's often thrown around in the health industry. She helps you to create healthy, sustainable habits so that you can enjoy more energy, better moods, and fewer health issues. Health is so much more than what you eat, it's about looking at your life from many different aspects improving yourself in many different areas of your life.

For anyone that cares about health, Finding True Health podcast is a must listen to.

Health Through Habits

Jenna also offers this amazing course called Health Through habits. In this course, discover the small, sustainable, and life-changing habits that will help you develop a loving relationship with your body, give up dieting once and for all, and experience more health, energy, confidence, and peace — all in just 8 weeks!

The main topics that this course goes over are:

  1. That your body is amazing, exactly as it is.

  2. That focusing on your health is far more important than your weight.

  3. That small, sustainable HABITS beat restrictive diets every time — and produce much better results.

This course can be a bit expensive but when you start seeing a change in your life, I'm positive that you would have been willing to pay much more for the impact it has made on your life.

Learn more about this course by clicking the button below 👇

Let me know what you guys think of this podcast or this course!


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